Danielle Brans

Beeldend kunstenaar

The strength and fragility of life fascinate me. I use performance and the physicality of the human body as a vehicle to explore emotions. In particular, the restrictions that life imposes on us as a result of pain or exhaustion intrigue me.


I investigate feelings by challenging my body to a point that is no longer comfortable. Sometimes, in order to confront a barrier, I blindfold myself, or impose a physical and mental constriction such as hanging myself in a harness. This limits me to move freely, for me it shows everybody has a certain background, patterns in life and physical borders, The harness represents this.

The choices I make about my clothing or the objects I use, have ceremonial references.

I research the extremities of physical and emotional duality. I take my very own strong and hard to deal with suppressed emotions and turn it into something graceful and elegant. An example of this is slowly crushing hardened charcoal with my hands, suspending myself from a beam and through the ensuing pain, creating a moving drawing with my feet.



Role model

In peace and quiet

Past, present, future




Pendulum 2


Vitruvius man 1

Clean call

Shedding Skin – Instagram live


performance bij evenement Bas Kosters in Amsterdam, 23 april 2017

performance met Petra de Vries tijdens de week van de autonome kunst Nijmegen, 26 maart 2017

performance tijdens de week van de autonome kunst in Nijmegen, 26 maart 2017

performance bij “de Veldstraat pakt uit” bij kunstenaars initiatief whitesuit projections in Nijmegen, 18 december 2016

Vitruvius man
performance en expositie bij unexposed/exposed Weurt, 20 en 21 augustus 2016

Kunstroute Beuningen,17 en 18 september 2011

Five Years After, Ten Kate, Ter Appelkanaal, 8 mei 2011

Museum De TwentseWelle
Enschede 12 juni 2009

Internationaal Performance Event
Wlfrt Projectspaces Rotterdam, 29 november 2008

Rijksmuseum Twente
De Nacht van Beeld en Geluid, Enschede, 3 maart 2007

Stationsplein Oost 1, Enschede, 13 oktober-27oktober 2006

Duitsland, oktober 2006

Enschede, 17 september 2006

EMF Cultuurlint
Enschede Muziek festival, 15 juni 2006

Museumnacht, Personal Media Unit, Enschede 27 mei 2006



Kunstingang 11
Ten Kate, Ter Appelkanaal, 26 februari 2006

(City Gallery), Estland, 12 januari 2006

(Museum Storehouse), Estland, 7 januari 2006

Techno cultures in ART
2005 AIAS International Symposium, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD USA, 2-4
november 2005

Münster und Frauen
12. Kongress für Performance Kunst, Münster, Duitsland, 28 juni-7 juli 2005

Young Exhibition Space for Artists, Enschede, 26 juni 2005

AKI academie voor beeldende kunst en vormgeving
Enschede, 20-24 juni 2005

At the Mercy of Others the politics of care
Sponsored by the Helena Rubenstein Curatorial Program of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City USA, 17 Mei 2005

Test 6 Performance Event
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA USA, 5 Maart 2005

Mobius Art Rages
Performance Festival, Boston MA USA, 20 november 2004

Kunstenaarscollectief Enschede, 2002

Kunstenaarscollectief Enschede, 2001

Centraal Museum Utrecht
17 april-17 juni 2001

Tweede prijs
Body Fashion Design Contest 2001, Utrecht, 20 februari 2001

Uitzending Life and cooking
RTL4 Carlo en Irene item Body Fashion, 18 februari 2001

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